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Que Ferait Edith? What Would Diane Do?

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Birthdate:Jun 24
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I was raised by wolves til the age of 7 when a travelling nun rescued me. She taught me the ancient art of ecumenical yodelling and how to cater for twelve using only string, mince ,a passing magpie or two and rubber bands. She died as a result of food poisoning and it’s a tragedy I have never fully recovered from.

Her other travelling sisters took me in and in 1998 I was ordained as Sister Mary Inviolata of the Immaculate Kitchen Work Surfaces and Escalators. However a strongly worded argument over the merits of edam cheese as opposed to double gloucester led to my expulsion from the travelling convent and I have since joined the Church of Archers Listeners. Its less fun than the convent but at least its only for 15 minutes a day.

According to Rosamicula I 'should be available on the NHS'.

To be slightly more serious - I class myself as a 'recovering roman' with a deep love of the absurd,surreal,arty,scarey and of course nuns. I have an ongoing fascination with slightly gruesome things and love to make myself go 'eurgh'. I have inherited my mothers love of reading about serial killers and drinking a glass of wine whilst watching a documentary about serial killers. I have also taken up knitting but alas I do not have her skill at creating amazing knitted goodness.

My heroes include Victoria Wood, Alan Bennett, Mark E Smith, Morrisey, Morticia Addams, Detective Robert Goren, Columbo, Maya Angelo, Jackie Collins,Trevor Howard,Marlene Dietrich,Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Betty Page, Humphrey Littleton, Nicholas Parsons, The Black Death, The Stooges, Cole Porter,my husband, Great Aunt Bessie,Bessie Smith, Edith Piaf, Georgette Heyer, Amber St Claire, Kathleen Windsor, Tony Benn, Lurch,Kenneth Williams, Basil Brush, Sweep, Geroge Orwell, Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, Augusten Burroughs, Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing, Peter Lorre, Marc Almond, William Burroughs, JG Ballard, Ed Wood, and Lily Munster.

I listen to The Archers even though I hope most of the inhabitants of Ambridge (but especially Shul-ugh) meet a grisly end on the wrong end of some farm machinery or a slow drowning in a slurry pit. I love pussy cats and am the proud sponsor of Merlin the Livingstone Fruit Bat and Azakely (or something like that, whatever the madagascan for 'little mother' is) the Aye-Aye at what used to be called Jersey Zoo but is now Durrell Wildlife or something.

I hate bad manners, uncalled for rudeness, 'shiny thigh, wobbly head, warbly voice' type music and people behaving badly and being unwashed on public transport.

I am moderately obsessed with the over reaction to the death/life of Diana or to give her proper title Lady Diane of Love of Our Hearts. I mean - c'mon people what was all that crying carrying on alarming and throwing flowers about?

To earn money I shuffle paper on a part time basis but I am in the process of setting up Pampered Pussy Productions - a kind of handmade goth/kitsch fabulous things for the home this space.

This isn't a very serious journal as I live my life by the adage 'shallow is the new depth' ;-)

It is friends only but if you add me and I've heard of you, have met you in in real life (you know - the thing outside the interwebs) or know someone who has then I'll add you back.

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